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Welcome to Nottingham Singing Lessons. If you have ever wanted to learn how to sing better and improve your singing voice then you have come to the right place.

My name is Paul Laine, I am a professional singing teacher based in the Sherwood/Carrington area of Nottingham. If you live in the Nottingham area and are looking for some vocal training then by taking private singing lessons you will achieve your gaols and progress much faster.

Nottingham Singing Lessons in association with Julie Donald’s Music School offers lessons in pop vocals (pop, rock, blues and jazz).

Singing lessons for children start from age 6 and we teach all ages right through to mature students with no upper age limit. You may be a complete beginner who has never visited a vocal coach or had any vocal training before, you may have sung a little by maybe getting up at local karaoke or open mic nights, you may even be a professional singer wanting to learn a few singing tips to improve your voice, whatever your current vocal standard Nottingham Singing Lessons can help you to fully discover your voice, give you confidence and teach you how to sing better.

All singing lessons are done on a one to one basis with the emphasis being on fun.

Can Anyone Learn To Sing?

There is a simple answer to this and it is yes. Every single one of us can speak, when people say they can’t sing it is utter rubbish. We each have our own unique voice so why can’t you sing? the answer is simply guidance, a vocal coach will show you how to make your voice work for you.

Some voices are low, some are high and a lot in between, we will help you to understand how your voice works and teach you how to sing properly. We will help you find your voice and put it to work. Your voice is an instrument like any other, If you were learning how to play the guitar or piano for example, you would have your music lesson and then you would practice, you begin to hone your skills until you get better at it and then it starts to become easier.

When you are having voice lessons with a singing teacher it is exactly the same, yes it takes time and effort but with practice and vocal guidance the end results are so rewarding.

Every single one of us has a different voice and when you take singing lessons you will learn how to sing in a much better way than what you currently do. You just need to be pointed in the right direction. During your very first singing lesson we will have a chat about what you are looking to achieve, your voice will then be assessed and then subsequent voice lessons will be tailor made by to suit you and make you a better singer.

What Will Be The Structure Of My Singing Lesson

At Nottingham Singing Lessons, the first part of every private singing lesson you have will comprise of vocal warm ups and exercises. We are here to help you get a better voice and so it is essential that you warm up your vocal cords in order to sing properly, just the same as when you see any sportsman or sportswoman going  through a warm up routine to relax and free up their muscles before they play or compete. Your voice is exactly the same, it needs warming up before singing.

We will be constantly looking at what your vocal strengths and weaknesses are and then working together to further improve them. Some of the areas we will be looking at during your voice lessons are breathing, how to breath in the correct manner, how do your vocal cords work? singing in your chest voice, how to use your mix voice correctly to enable you to have a smooth transitions from your chest to your head voice, how to sing easily in your head voice, microphone technique, singing tips, speech level singing to name but a few.

All of your singing lessons are designed to improve and strengthen your voice, extend your vocal range and give you the confidence to go out there and sing. During the second part of your singing lesson we will discuss together what songs and genres of music that you like to listen to. For the majority of the time we will be working on you singing those songs, we find this is the best way forward for you because at the end of your lesson if you are singing something that your like and enjoy then the likelihood is that when you go home you will want to practice, like I mentioned earlier the most important aspect of you having your vocal training is to improve your singing voice and for you to enjoy singing. There will be however, odd times when you will be singing songs that you are maybe not used to, when this does happen, that particular song will have been picked for a specific reason which will be fully explained to you, it will be to help you learn and further enhance a particular vocal exercise  or strengthen a vocal technique.

How Long Are The Vocal Lessons

All of our singing lessons will be for either 30 minutes or 1 hour. If you require any further information on learning how to sing and current singing lesson availabilities then please contact us today for the best singing lessons in Nottingham.